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Mobile Grocery Stores Coming to Birmingham

Ifooddesertwebtabf you run out of milk or other fresh ingredients in District 7, you’ll have to go further than just down the street to pick some up. This neighborhood is what’s known as a “food desert”. Not a single major grocery store in sight. And there are many neighborhoods just like this throughout the city. That’s where city buses come in. The Healthy Birmingham Taskforce is preparing to roll out three retro-fitted buses with the hopes of offering a first class moving grocery store to these brick and mortar baron areas making them a desert no more. City Council President Johnathan Austin says this project is truly unique compared to other community food trucks across the country. The plan includes not only healthy fruits and vegetables, but also fresh meat and dairy products. There will be menu suggestions and exercise programs at each two hour stop along transit routes. The task-force will use the purchasing-power generated by the mobile units as data to help bring businesses like a Publix or Piggly Wiggly to each neighborhood. These rolling grocery stores will be around for years. The de-commissioned buses are on loan by the transit authority for four years with a two year extension option according to the Mayor’s office. But councilors are already looking to the future. President Pro-Tem Jay Roberson wants a 40-thousand square foot store in District 7. Council members say no matter where you live, rich or poor, you deserve a quality neighborhood market close to home and they say this will literally cement the deal. President Austin says all residents need to do is be on the look out in January and then get on board. For more information go to or WATCH THE VIDEO.