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City leaders planning for complete overhaul of Birmingham’s transportation system

public transportationWith the World Games coming in 2021, Birmingham wants to secure it’s future now as a first class transportation hub.  Transportation committee Chair Councilor Kim Rafferty says it’s time to start rebuilding the entire transportation infrastructure of the city. The result would be a billion dollar infusion into the economy, including jobs and the possible growth of the automotive industry. Allowing visitors to the World Games to travel from one sports venue to the other without the need to drive is a major goal for city leaders. Future plans could include a rail line connecting an inland port facility and a commuter rail system between Birmingham and Mobile.  Construction is currently underway on a new 30 million dollar downtown intermodal transportation terminal for Amtrak, Greyhound and the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority. It will help generate revenue for future improvements by increasing licensing fees, lodging taxes as well as entertainment and ticket tax. For more information about everything the Birmingham City Council is doing visit