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Birmingham City Council: “Our Support for UAB Football is Loud and Clear”

PRESS RELEASE                                                                               Monday June 1, 2015

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL- On the heels of UAB’s announcement to take steps to reinstate the football, bowling, and rifle programs the Birmingham City Council is reiterating the fact that their support for UAB’s Football Program is loud and clear. Councilors have been very vocal about their support to see the program return, even issuing a resolution of support to show just how serious they are about standing behind the program.

“We strongly feel that bringing back football is a major part that will shape the combined future growth for both Birmingham and UAB,” President Johnathan Austin said. “This program has meant so much not just for the UAB community, but for the entire city; UAB is a jewel that we have in Birmingham, and it is our goal that we continue to look at ways that we can support both the academic and the athletic programs.”

In addition to the resolution of support that was approved last fall shortly after the announcement about the removal of the program, the Council recently passed another resolution of intent that pledges $2.5 million to UAB football if the program is reinstated. The city previously paid $250,000 each year for a block of UAB football tickets at Legion Field. The most recent resolution will double that previous commitment to $500,0000 a year for five years if UAB football returns. Councilor Sheila Tyson, who represents the district that UAB resides in, said that she is glad to see that so many people have come together to rally behind the school.

“The opportunities that exists at UAB for both students and athletes are very unique, and I’m glad to see that more of our youth will have the chance to take advantage of what this school has to offer,” said Councilor Tyson. “I am going to continue doing all that I can to highlight all of the positive achievements that come from this wonderful institution.”

For media inquiries please contact the Birmingham City Council Director of Public Information Brittany Sharp at 205.721.5369 or