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Birmingham City Council To Meet With UAB President Ray Watts for a Discussion on the Future of UAB

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                Monday June 29, 2015

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL- The Birmingham City Council is gearing up for a sit down meeting with UAB President Ray Watts. Councilors will meet with President Watts at 12 p.m. today, and immediately following that meeting they will tour some of the new facilities at the university. During the meeting portion of today’s visit to UAB, Councilors will focus on learning more about the long-term plans of the notable university. Councilors say this information is needed as they look at ways that they can continue to build their relationship with the university.

“UAB is a jewel that we have in Birmingham, and the only way that we can continue to support this entity is if we are aware of the next steps for the university,” President Austin said. “A meeting of this kind is something that we must do continuously to ensure that we are in line with the university’s goal and initiatives.”

Councilors say that it is their hope that this meeting will provide them with some overall insight into what direction President Watts is looking to take the university in. With the ongoing announcements concerning new breakthroughs and developing initiatives that are taking place daily at UAB, councilors would like to know more specifically what they can do as a council to continue to promote the global projects that UAB is a part of.

“As we look to continue to market ourselves to global companies, it is pivotal that we continue to work with UAB to showcase all of the significant assets that exist within the university,” President Austin said. “We have had an open line of communication with past presidents, and our goal is to continue talks of those kinds that will allow us to strengthen our relationship with UAB.”

Immediately following today’s meeting and tour, Councilors will be available for interviews at their final stop on the tour, which will be the new residence hall located at 16th street south and 8th avenue south.

For media inquiries please contact the Birmingham City Council Director of Public Information Brittany Sharp at 205.254.2036 or