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Birmingham City Councilors Eager To Begin Cleanup of City Neighborhoods; Awaiting Response from Mayor Bell on their Proposed Budget

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                   Monday, July 27, 2015

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL – The Birmingham City Council is ready to begin the work that’s needed to address neighborhood concerns. During this year’s budget process councilors have taken an in depth look at where funding increases are needed in an effort to revitalize city neighborhoods. The Council also went out into the community to hear from citizens on their specific needs holding budget tours around the city. Using that feedback, Councilors have sent the Mayor a budget that includes $3.5 million dollars for weed abatement, $3 million dollars for property demolition, and a 3% cost of living [COLA] raise for all city employees. Councilors say they are ready and willing to work with the Mayor to get a budget in place as soon as possible. A memo containing the budget was sent to the Mayor last week with a request to have the budget placed on the July 21st agenda. Following that delay, Councilors are now requesting that Mayor Bell prepare the necessary ordinances in order for the budget to be placed on tomorrow’s agenda

“My colleagues and I are very excited about the work that lies before us as it relates to cleaning up our neighborhoods, and giving citizens communities that they can be proud of,” President Johnathan Austin said. “Birmingham is a city that’s on the rise, and we know that in order for our city to continue to thrive we must make sure that the neighborhoods are reflective of all that our city has to offer.”

In addition to the funding for neighborhood cleanup, Councilors say funding for educational components is also a top priority. The Council’s proposed budget includes $665,000 in funding dollars for the Birmingham Board of Education’s Community Schools program.

“It is our responsibility as elected officials to be the voice for students in Birmingham, to make sure that they are getting a world class education,” Councilor Marcus Lundy said. “If we are to be a city that’s best in class, we must provide the best for our students.”

Councilors say they anticipate receiving a response from the Mayor this week concerning their proposed budget. A vote on the budget is expected to follow as soon as it’s placed on the agenda.

For more information, please contact Birmingham City Council Director of Public Information Brittany Sharp at (205) 721-5369 or