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Beyond The Court: Birmingham City Councilor Jay Roberson

BIRMINGHAM, AL – The hard work that students within the Birmingham City School System put into their academics and extracurricular activities sometimes goes unnoticed but today that will change. Birmingham City Councilor Jay Roberson is partnering with NBA Star Eric Bledsoe to send 10 students from each Birmingham high school to witness an NBA game between the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies in Memphis, TN. It will be an all-expense paid trip and travel will occur via chartered buses. Students will leave for the trip at 9:30 a.m. from Parker High School.

“It’s so important that we look for ways to recognize all that our students do to excel in their studies and their athletics,” Councilor Roberson said. “What better way to honor their hard work and continue showing them what comes from that hard work, than by being able to witness a game that involves one of Birmingham’s own. I’m really excited about this opportunity, and looking forward to the experience.”

Today’s trip to witness hometown stars in their new roles will be just one of many times that Councilor Roberson has partnered with local standouts turned national stars to encourage Birmingham City youth. Eric Bledsoe’s Foundation says that they are more than honored to be a part of this initiative this time around.

“Eric has always been very big on making sure that the work that our students do each day does not go unnoticed,” said Nigel Ramsey with the Eric Bledsoe Foundation. “It is our hope that this trip will provide the kids with a fun opportunity that will motivate them even more. We want the students within the Birmingham School System to simply be the best both in their academics and in their athletic ventures.”

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