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Birmingham City Council Urges Transparency is Key as City Looks to Spend $5 Million in Cost Savings

PRESS RELEASE                                                                             Monday, June 13, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369 

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Transparency. That’s the key message that Birmingham City Councilors are continuing to send as they work to cleanup Birmingham, enhance education, and reduce crime. In wake of the City’s recent announcement of a $5 million costs savings, the Council immediately pushed to have those savings returned to the community, but they have been adamant that it is done with full transparency. It was in fact, the Council’s push for the City to be more transparent with each budget line item that indeed led to the city having $5 million in costs savings in the first place.

“My colleagues and I could not be more thrilled to have additional funds to help improve Birmingham, but we want to have all of our questions answered concerning these items to ensure that each and every financial decision that we make is good for the entire city,” President Austin said. “The items that were presented to us today were not concise, and details such as how the projects will be completed once the money is approved were left out. It’s one thing to just throw money out to someone, it’s another thing to have a plan in place from the beginning to the end that showcases how projects will start and conclude.”

Through a new “We’ve Got 5 On It” commitment the Council has pledged to address the most important issues within Birmingham by building on the work that has already begun. At the beginning of this fiscal year, it was the Council that re-organized the budget to ensure that $6.5 million was included in the budget to address residents most pressing concerns. The Council will once again put citizens needs first by reinvesting additional funds back into the neighborhoods once they are clear on detailed plans. The item will be discussed at the next Committee of the Whole meeting at the end of this month. It is there that the Council hopes to receive detailed outlines from the Mayor’s office on how the money will be spent and accounted for.

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