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Birmingham City Councilors Return 2017-2018 Budget to the Administration and Establishes Departmental Budget Policy

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                 Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-908-7392

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Change is underway and Birmingham City Councilors want to ensure that citizens have a clear understanding on how their tax dollars are spent. Today the Birmingham City Council approved a resolution returning the 2017-2018 proposed budget to the administration to be corrected and requesting a balanced budget be returned to the City Council that reflects the lawfully mandated estimated salaried obligatory expenses under the Departmental Budget of the Birmingham City Council under detail 500-002 Salaries and Wages Elected Officials. Councilors also approved an ordinance establishing the Departmental Budget Update Reporting Process Policy, which will ensure each fiscal year budget is received at least sixty days prior to the fiscal year.

Council President Johnathan Austin said the changes are necessary in order for all city leaders to remain consistently accountable to citizens. “We want to always be efficient when we as a Council manage the finances of our city,” Council President Austin said. “In order for us to do that, it’s going to take the collective participation of the Administration so that we can maintain proper checks and balances during each budget season.”

The Mayor-Council Act of 1955 (as amended) outlines the procedures to be followed in developing and adopting the annual operating and capital budgets for the City of Birmingham. The fiscal year for the City of Birmingham begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. On or before May 20th, the Mayor usually submits to the City Council a proposed General Fund Operating Budget for the fiscal year commencing the following July 1st. The General Fund Operating Budget includes proposed expenditures and sources of revenues. A public hearing is conducted to obtain taxpayer comments. Prior to July 1st, the budget is legally enacted through passage of an ordinance. The Mayor’s proposed fiscal year budget including the general, capital, and budget message, were presented during the May 16th Council Meeting. The Budget hearing is officially set for June 14th, 2017 in the Council Chambers at 4:30pm.

For media inquiries contact Chiara Perry, Interim Director of Public Information for the Birmingham City Council at 205.908.7392.