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Birmingham City Council Approves Inland Fresh Seafood Business Expansion in Ensley

PRESS RELEASE                                                                     Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-908-7392


BIRMINGHAM, AL –It is an opportunity for revitalization in an area that has not seen new business in over 30 years, Inland Fresh Seafood Corporation of America is bringing industrial businesses and jobs to the Ensley community and the Birmingham City Council wants to ensure citizens benefit from this impact.

Birmingham City Councilors approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute and enter into a grant agreement with Inland Seafood in an amount not to exceed $275,000 for a small business expansion and benefit of creation of six (6) jobs for real property, personal property, working capital and related soft costs. Councilors also approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Loan Credit Agreement with Inland Seafood where the city will provide a Birmingham Business Development Loan to them in an amount not to exceed $2,000,000 for a term of 24 months at an interest rate of 1% per annum. An Irrevocable Letter of Credit will secure the loan and the proceeds from the loan will be used in connection with the expansion and renovation of its operations in Birmingham at its current facility located at 2700 Avenue D.

With this new industrial development coming on line for the entire Birmingham community, Councilor Marcus Lundy, whose district will include Inland Seafood, is hopeful and prayerful that this is a new beginning in Ensley. “I see this as a win for Birmingham, bringing this type of industrial revitalization to an area that has been depressed for years, so we’re excited,” Councilor Lundy said. “There are also opportunities for our students in high school or two year colleges like Lawson State to be eligible for jobs in the culinary field. Those culinary students will have opportunities for employment as well as training. So there’s going to be a huge collaborative effort with Inland.”

Inland seafood has three different plants with the current plant in Ensley starting with approximately 50 jobs and they have plans to revamp their distribution center and eventually over time increase to over 150 jobs and with those jobs applicants experiencing detail training.

“Inland wants to do job fairs especially in the Ensley community. So there could be job fairs at East Ensley Library, Ensley Library, the CrossPlex even at Jackson Olin,” Councilor Lundy said. “We’ve talked about hosting a job fair on their school campus, so I believe that Inland will be in the community and they will partner with us and we definitely want to partner with them as well.”

About Inland Seafood

Established in 1977, Atlanta, Georgia-based Inland Seafood was founded on the simple philosophy of supplying customers with the best quality seafood available with the best service in the industry. Today, they are the largest full-line processor and distributor of more than 2,000 fresh, frozen, smoked and specialty seafood items in the Southeast. Inland also offers a full-line of non-aquatic gourmet specialty foods including a full line of antibiotic-free, hormone-free meats, game and poultry as well as cheeses, olives, oils and so much more through Inland Specialty Foods. They supply over 5,500 restaurants and 2500 retail outlets. They have a complete processing plant on-site, including butchering, packing, frozen storage, lobster tanks, cooking facilities, test kitchens and more.

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