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City Council Looks To Increase Economic Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday July 18, 2014
Contact: Brittany Sharp
Phone: 205-254-2036

BIRMINGHAM, AL- Builders looking to build in Birmingham may soon have an easier process to go through. A resolution from the economic development committee will go before the council Tuesday that will streamline the authorization process for professional service and construction agreements. This new agreement would cut down on the time that it takes to get projects approved, thus laying the groundwork for increased business development in Birmingham.

“As we look for ways to grow as a city, we recognize that creating a process that will make authorizations more seamless is very important,” Councilor Marcus Lundy, chair of the Economic Development said. “We are committed to looking at areas that will not only make the process seamless, but that will allow projects to come along much faster.”

This goal of improving the streamlining project is an area that city leaders feel is much needed as reports have shown that there has been an increase in permits within the city, as well as an increase in all business taxes. City leaders feel that this new process will be just an added bonus to bring more business to Birmingham.

“Not only will this new process of streamlining bring innovative businesses, new jobs and increase economic development, but this will take us well on our way to transforming Birmingham into a world-class city,” said Mayor William Bell.

The Birmingham City Council will vote on the resolution during next Tuesday’s council meeting.

For more information please contact Birmingham City Council Director of Public Information Brittany Sharp at 205-254-2036 or