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Birmingham City Council to Meet with Area Legislators at Legislative Agenda Meeting

PRESS RELEASE  Monday, August 25, 2014

Contact: Chiara Morrow

Phone: 205-908-7392

BIRMINGHAM, AL-In efforts consistent with shifting the paradigm of moving the City of Birmingham forward, the Birmingham City Council will have their next City of Birmingham Legislative Agenda Meeting Tuesday, August 26, 2014 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Council President Johnathan Austin is initiating the process by gathering proposed legislation from area legislators.

“As president of the City Council I feel that it is very important to coordinate a meeting of this nature, so that my colleagues and I have the opportunity to meet with other elected officials to share our ideas for being prepared for the 2015 Legislative session,” President Austin said.

Co-Chair of the Jefferson County Delegation and Representative of District 52 John Rogers also expressed his willingness to meet with other legislators and local elected officials.

“It is always important that the Council and the Mayor have a proactive, open and honest dialogue with the Legislature concerning the economic growth of the City of Birmingham,” Rogers said. “I am excited to work closely with all of our area leadership, including our very important business community, to continue to move Birmingham forward.”

The last Legislative Agenda meeting was held in January of this year. Council President Austin is certain that the consistency of meeting to express different viewpoints regarding the proposed legislation will continue to build the momentum for area leaders’ push to get bills passed that are imperative to all communities within and surrounding the City of Birmingham.

Senate Majority Leader Senator J. T. “Jabo” Waggoner agrees and he also expressed his sentiments about all leadership and parties coming together to for the sake of the region.

“The Senate delegation is always pleased to meet with the City of Birmingham and its leadership,” Waggoner said. “In our region, as Birmingham prospers so does the rest of the region.”

For a visual preview of the upcoming Legislative Agenda Meeting, please view this video produced by the Office of Public Information:

For more information concerning the Legislative Agenda Meeting, please contact Chief of Staff Courtney Hunter at (205) 254-2679.

For media inquiries, please contact Birmingham City Council Public Information Officer Chiara Morrow at (205) 908-7392 or