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Empowerment Week

empowerment-webtabBirmingham is celebrating the future while remembering the past. Empowerment week is getting underway on Thursday. The event is in honor of the 1963 civil rights movement. There will be a memorial at the 16th Street Baptist Church, as well as, music festivals, and a panel discussion on racial and social justice, equality and economic equalization issues. It’s a week to take some time and appreciate where Birmingham came from and how far it has progressed since the 1960’s. Below the surface there’s a lot of work that goes on. A lot of things take place to make changes in citizens lives. It takes great leadership and strong commitment from the citizens. Birmingham has seen real change in the culture and profess continues every day. There are many plans for the week including festivals and community clean-ups.  There is a day of service, day or reflection, a day of restoration, day of reconciliation and a day of commemoration. WATCH VIDEO