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Students & Councilor Learn From Each Other

webtab'Councilor Marcus Lundy went back to elementary school, Wylam Elementary School in District 9 to be exact. He took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with Mr. Simmon’s 7th grade civics class about how local government works. Students already knew, at least, a little about how to get a councilors attention-persistence. Over half of the class made direct calls to Councilor Lundy asking him to come talk with their class. Turns out, 7th grade was a pivotal time for Councilor Lundy. That’s when he got the “bug” as he calls it to serve in a leadership role in his community. Students asked a variety of questions ranging from infrastructure to crime issues. On this day, Councilor Lundy noticed these young minds cared about the process and how it may impact their lives. WATCH VIDEO