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Taking a Big Step for a Big Cause-Councilors Skydive for Charity

webtabDo something scary to fight something scary. That was the mantra for Councilor Valerie Abbott and Councilor Kim Rafferty as they faced jumping out of a plane to help raise money and bring awareness to a rare genetic disorder called CDKL5. Coordinator Dustin Chandler is thank flu for the support. He knows first hand about this disease that causes seizures beginning in the first few months of life. Carly’s law, named in honor of his 3 year old daughter, was a bill signed by Gov. Robert Bentley in August legalizing the use of a marijuana oil, called CBD, to help combat seizures. Since CDKL5 is so rare, a lot of research is needed to find alternate ways of treating it, but that takes money. Skydive Alabama has been key in getting that effort off the ground. All proceeds from those leaping for CDKL5 are donated for research. With a large community response on this day including tv and radio personalities, government officials and many more, they have now raised over $50,000. But it’s also not all about the money; it’s about showing parents of affected children that they aren’t alone in the fight. To see Councilor Abbott & Councilor Rafferty jump out of the plane WATCH THE VIDEO