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100 Days of Non-Violence Kicks Off

webtabAdults just don’t understand what teens go through, right? Whether true or not, students will listen to their peers when it comes to tough issues. As 100 days of non-violence was kicked off this week, that theory was put to the test in a tele-conference between Birmingham area high school students and New Mexico high school students. 100 days of non-violence was created in 2009 in response to under-age death and violence, District 7’s Council President Pro-Tem Jay Roberson made it is his goal to curb violence. And talking it out with peers rather than adults makes a difference. Whether it is socio-economic or cultural, for these young students to be the future leaders of their communities, this is an opportunity to feel like they have a voice, like they are part of a solution that has been working during each year of 100 days of non-violence. During the last 4 years of 100 days of non-violence, there has not been a young person under 18 to die in a senseless violent act. Councilor Roberson says it is due to these young people in the city engaging the campaign, signing the pledge, making commitments to do community service, focusing on school and staying away from drugs, gangs and violence. To learn more visit: or WATCH THE VIDEO.