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Public Safety First- Enforcing Liquor License Laws

publicsafety A function of the Public Safety Committee is to monitor what’s happening in Birmingham’s bars, restaurants and clubs in order to keep residents as danger free as possible. Revocation of business licenses that are not in compliance is not easy. Councilors say police reports, eye-witness accounts from customers and even neighbors are investigated to deal with possible problems. Councilor Kim Rafferty says everything the committee does is bound by state law first and must have specific reasons for denying or revoking a business license concerning liquor sales.  Committee Chair Councilor Steven Hoyt says they’re careful not to try and legislate morals and values.  As one of the most legally entrenched committees, the public safety committee must be mindful about every discussion and debate. A big challenge the committee members face is not having  a lot of history on applicants when a license is first requested and that’s why revocation is one of their strongest powers once issues arise.  For more information go to or WATCH THE VIDEO.