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Recent successful non-violent youth campaigns in Birmingham to be modeled around the country

100dayswrap2Council President Pro-Tempore Jay Roberson’s “youth led and adult guided” non-violence initiative is not only gaining momentum, it’s saving lives. In it’s fifth year, the 100 Days of Non-Violence Campaign now includes a city-wide law enforcement effort.  President Pro-Tem Roberson works closely with police officers, the sheriff and judges. At a recent round-table discussion with the Birmingham Police Department, the next phase of this campaign was spelled out. Other cities are being encouraged to model the Birmingham non-violence campaigns including Albuquerque, Saginaw, Atlanta and Mobile. Birmingham Police Deputy Chief Henry Irby says between 2010 and 2013 there were 37 homicides to those under the age of 20. Meanwhile, reports of  arrests at high schools are down with more students going to their security resource officers. For more information go to