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New Year, New Demolition: Birmingham City Councilors Make Way for New Developments in West End

It’s no secret that communities thrive at their best without the plague of dilapidated houses and heinous building structures. The West End community, Birmingham’s own diamond in the rough, is ready to thrive again as citizens are anxious to rebuild and re-claim this jewel of territory and it begins with removing the long overdue Larkway Gardens.

Well demolition is finally here and the declared public nuisance of several years Larkway Gardens apartments will soon be a mere tarnished memory for District 6. Having sat officially abandoned for several years, previous reports and numerous citizens’ complaints show the apartments housed unlawful inhabitants and squatters who use the hollowed-out and looted buildings for drug deals, prostitution and violence.

This past Tuesday Birmingham City Councilors approved the bids for Britt Demolition and Motley Construction to demolish sectors of Larkway Gardens, group one Britt Demolition at the cost of $226,800.00 and group two Motley Construction at the cost of $152,000.00

Councilor Sheila Tyson of District 6 persistently fought for years for the structures’ demolition stating its public safety threat as she urged the city to demolish more than 24 buildings. Councilor Tyson also worked with potential developers for the site as well as citizens in the community to restructure the property, giving it the desired curbside appeal.

“Our citizens want and expect the best in their communities, plain and simple,” Councilor Tyson said. “This demolition has been a long time coming and community leaders are ready to help cultivate this area into a meaningful establishment where families can feel safe and children can enjoy playing in their own backyards.”

The demolitions are set to take place in February after any asbestos has been removed. Councilor Tyson is committed to continuing to making sure that even after the demolition this project is complete by working with developers to find options, such as a gated senior citizens community, for the site.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294