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Birmingham Continues to Reel in Worldwide Industrial Companies

Consistent innovative measures to help advance scientific findings are widespread and one should never mistake the south for being a small contributor to that cause. Birmingham has continuously played a role in the research to combat diseases such as aggressive cancers and diabetes, and a recent announcement by German based manufacturer Evonik Industries will allow for our city to play an even larger role in the medical field. Evonik is said considering a $27 million expansion of its site in Birmingham. The German specialty chemical manufacturer is looking to enlarge its biomaterials business as well as invest in a fill line machine.

Evonik spearheads the global market with its innovative reputation for generating exceptional products and solutions for the medical field. Birmingham has already begun to take part in helping Evonik reach new measures with its first global Innovation Center in the United States. The current Innovation Center, located in District 7 off of Lakeshore Valley, concentrates on efforts to lead the vast field of medical technology by creating medical devices housed at the corporate campus. An expansion to that center will allow for the company to reach even greater heights in the biomaterials business.

Birmingham City Council President Pro Tem Jay Roberson said it is a prime time for global businesses to invest in Birmingham as the city continues to reclaim their mark in the industrial development world.

“It’s so refreshing to see our city moving back into the frontrunner seat, as it once did in its inception as a leader in the manufacturing steel industry,” Councilor Roberson said. “My colleagues and I are committed to making sure that we work together to continue to attract even more employers to our city as businesses worldwide begin to take notice of the benefits to having a location in Birmingham.”

The Birmingham Industrial Development Board has voted to abate some of the taxes on the project should Evonik choose to go ahead. Evonik currently employs some 140 people at its current Birmingham facility, including both permanent and temporary workers. Should the expansion go ahead, it’s likely up to 50 roles will be converted to permanent positions, according to Kel Boisvert, Site Manager at Evonik’s Birmingham laboratories.

Evonik is also thought to be considering sites in Indiana and Germany. The company is expected to reveal its final decision early this year.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.