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Governmental Affairs Committee Recommends Enhancements for City Government

PRESS RELEASE                                                                        Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL – New policies intended to clarify business operations for the City of Birmingham are on today’s Birmingham City Council agenda. The policies were introduced by the newly created Governmental Affairs Committee, which is chaired by City Councilor Lashunda Scales. The policies address the following issues—LEGISLATIVE POLICY, GENERAL FUND AND CAPITAL FUND BUDGET PROCESS and FACILITY AND ASSETS MANAGEMENT.

To provide context for each policy, the Council offers the following explanations:

The LEGISLATIVE POLICY is presented in the form of a resolution articulating the Council’s commitment to maintain and to strengthen Birmingham’s position with local, state, federal and international entities for the betterment of the citizens of Birmingham. To view more about this policy click HERE.

The GENERAL FUND AND CAPITAL FUND BUDGET PROCESS recommendation is intended to improve efficiencies regarding the critical aspects of the budget process. According to the ordinance, the City Council would receive both the general fund and capital fund budgets on May 1st instead of May 20th as currently prescribed. This would allow the Council more time to review the budgets and pass the spending plans by the state mandated deadline of July 1st. The proposed ordinance also stipulates that Council committees receive regular reports regarding spending by City agencies and departments in order to meet operational needs in timelier manner. To view more about this policy click HERE.

The FACILITY AND ASSETS MANAGEMENT recommendation re-iterates the Council’s authority over City assets and reaffirms the Council’s right to access equipment, facilities and resources as determined by the Council. To view more about this policy click HERE.

Councilor Lashunda Scales says the proposed ordinances align with existing laws. Simply put, the committee believes the City of Birmingham will operate more efficiently and productively with these changes.

“The goal is to ensure that all branches of City government have the necessary tools and resources required to do the very best job possible for the citizens we all have a duty and responsibility to serve,” Councilor Scales said.

The Governmental Affairs Committee cites Article V Section 5.02 of the 1955 Mayor-Council Act to support the changes affecting the budget process and also cites the Code of Alabama 1975 Section 11-43-56 regarding the management and control of City assets.

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