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What Makes Birmingham Magical Contestant Captures the Hidden Beauty in Vintage Draped City Landscape

Winning PhotoTell me what you love most about Birmingham’s unique contribution to southern mountainous countryside and I can guarantee that Matthew Glasscock and his crew of photographers at Steel City Urbex have captured a glimpse of it and often times take photographs from unusually high peaks.

The latest project by the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office sparked Matt and others to showcase what they loved most about the “Magic City.” The contest came about after Birmingham was named one of Travel Channel’s list of 11 Next Great Destinations. To continue the momentum, the Birmingham City Council encouraged residents to share what they believed makes Birmingham “so magical”! Participants were posed with the question that if someone were visiting the “Magic City” on vacation and inquired about top attractions to tour, where exactly would they send them?

Participants were instructed to like our Birmingham City Council Instagram page then take a picture of the attraction that they would suggest to visitors, and then post the picture with the hashtag #bhammagic.

Residents were encouraged to share their love for Birmingham by creating streams of images to pitch to the world (and hopefully welcome a stay) traces of unparalleled art simplifying the mystic beauty found in the Magic City.

Matthew Glasscock who is a businessman by day and photographer by night, did just that. He submitted a number of images that were eye-catching to say the least, but it was his crafted rendition of the McWane Center nestled under Birmingham’s perfect skyline that landed him the winning spot. The photo taken from downtown on the 6th floor of the Pizitz Building showcases the notable center in new and fun light! His awesome photography skills and love for Birmingham landed him the top prize in the contest taking home nearly $250 in gift cards. Glasscock said it’s the intimate details we often don’t pay attention to that add to the Magic City.

“Most buildings often carry a vintage look to them,” Glasscock said. “Some of the rooftops have so much detail and that viewers only see the skyline with a modern appeal. These often old structures give Birmingham a new edge, especially in photography.”

We appreciate Matthew and Steel City Urbex for all they do to capture the beauty of our great city. Congratulations guys!

Be sure to view more beautiful pictures by following Steel City Urbex on Facebook and @xmattyx on Instagram.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.