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A Big Victory for District 6: Larkway Gardens to be Demolished Today

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                  Wed, February 17, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL – It’s a sight that many have longed to see and today their vision will become a reality. The public eyesore known as Larkway Gardens will be demolished at 9 a.m. clearing way for revitalization in a community that has had to deal with the blighted property for nearly two decades. The fight to tear down the property began years ago, under the leadership of community activist turned City Councilor Sheila Tyson. Upon being elected, Councilor Tyson brought her fight to tear down the worn down buildings into City Hall, and she’s been working ever since to see the fruition of this project. Under a unanimous vote earlier this year, the Birmingham City Council declared the property a public nuisance making way for the demoliton. Councilor Tyson say’s today is not just a victory for District 6, but for the entire City of Birmingham.

“Our communities are the heart of this city, and I’m beyond excited, that we are working to continuously restore our communities not just in one district but in all nine districts of Birmingham,” Councilor Tyson said. “Today will be a very emotional day for me, however I will be crying tears of joy to see this property removed. It has caused numerous problems for the residents and today that will come to an end.”

Residents of Oakwood Place and additional members of the West End community have continuously showed up at Council Meetings to echo Councilors concerns citing that the property has been the root of ongoing problems in their community. From random fires to heinous acts of violence that are reported on or near the grounds, many say demolishing Larkway will not only remove blight in the community but it will help to improve the quality of life for residents, especially for senior citizens.

“Today will truly be a celebration for our community,” said Nell Allen, President of the Oakwood Place neighborhood. “I have no doubt in my mind that this demolition will spark the restoration of this area, and my neighbors and I are committed to being a part of the new revitalization efforts.”

For more information, please contact Birmingham City Council Director of Public Information Brittany Sharp at (205) 721-5369 or