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‘We Got Five On It’ Leads 2017 Budget Proposal Discussions Residents are Encouraged to Let Their Voices Be Heard

As the 2016 fiscal year comes to a curtain call, many neighborhood leaders are excited that more community revitalization efforts are underway. Staying true to their ongoing commitment to revitalize each district, Birmingham City Councilors are not holding back this budget season and are pushing for the abatement of more overgrown lots and noxious weeds.

“We Need Five” is a budget proposal from the Mayor’s office that will use the surplus of $5 million funding costs saved from across all city departments that will go back into neighborhoods. In a response to the “We Need Five” proposal, Council President Johnathan Austin is leading the effort “We Got Five On It” to set funding and tools in place to renew city neighborhoods and bring life back in to the communities.

“The community is excited about how ‘We Got Five On It’ will enhance our neighborhoods. Anytime we have an opportunity to reinvest back into our school system, our neighborhoods, and the future of our city of course everyone in the community is very excited about it,” Council President Austin said. “We’re looking forward to receiving the proposal from the administration and moving forward expeditiously to continue to provide more clean up for our neighborhoods.”

Council President Austin added he does expect more neighborhood requests for weed abatement than actual funding will allow but plans to work with his Council colleagues and the Mayor to address the most pressing needs of the residents in our communities.

“We Need Five” breaks down a proposed $2 million for weed abatement, $2 million for demolition of abandoned structures and $1 million for the Birmingham City Schools reading programs. Residents are encouraged to let Birmingham City Councilors and the Mayor’s Administration know how they want the $5 million to be spent. Residents can call 205.254.2294 or 205.254.2823 by June 14th.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.