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Birmingham City Councilors Looking For the Best Possible Solution For Upgrades to City Facilities

PRESS RELEASE                                                                        Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL – As Birmingham City Councilors continuously push for sustainable plans for city owned buildings, they are eager to learn more about possible options that will not only provide upgrades to city facilities but options that will also increase energy cost savings. During a Committee of the Whole Meeting taking place today at 4 p.m. Councilors hope to receive answers to a proposed contract with TRANE a manufacturer of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and building management systems and controls.

“The City Council was elected to make the best informed decisions about tax payers money,” Council President Johnathan Austin said. “When we consider spending nearly $62 million in tax payers money it is incumbent upon us as representatives of the people to make sure that citizens get a good return on their investment.”

Trane has presented two options for consideration: The first option will guarantee the City of Birmingham approximately $53 million in energy savings over a 20-year period and pay for all of the improvements recommended by Trane, Inc. All costs involved with these improvements and upgrades will be paid for through guaranteed energy savings. If the savings projected by Trane, Inc. are not realized, Trane, Inc. will have to pay the City of Birmingham the difference. The second option will include all of the items in Option One but will require a front-end payment by the City of Birmingham of $4 million to include other work needed as recommended by Trane, Inc. to achieve the energy savings. In addition to the $61,333,168 cost for the project, the contract also requires the city to pay the annual performance period services price, which costs $525,500.00 for the guarantee year with annual adjustment rate of 3%.

For more information, please contact Birmingham City Council Director of Public Information Brittany Sharp at (205) 721-5369 or