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Birmingham City Councilors Host Annual Budget Tours to Gain Feedback For the 2016-2017 Budget

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.01.57 PMIn order to create clear and positive communications between the Council and residents, Birmingham City Councilors are continuing their efforts to host organized forums, such as the pre-budget and post-budget tours that are open to the public. The forums provide a platform to discuss the financial health of the city. Councilors also highlighted progress within each district and updated the community on the accomplishments so far heading into the new fiscal year. Hundreds poured in over the past few weeks to learn all they could about the overall budget process and what citizens can do to ensure their concerns were heard.

“Our intentions are best summarized by the theory that we are accountable for educating citizens and making sure their communities are held to the highest regard, especially during the budget season,” Council President Johnathan Austin said. “One of the best ways we can propel Birmingham into it’s truest potential, is to always inform and implement.”

The Council elaborated on all that’s being proposed in the 2016-2017 budget which includes: No funding for Community Schools after-school care programs; increasing neighborhood association funds from $2,000 to $5,000; reduction in weed abatement/demolition funding; one-percent Cost of Living increase for all employees and Expansion of the Shot Spotter Program. The Council Budget Tours also offered countless opportunities for residents to gain an understanding of the total budget process and provide constructive input about items that many would like implemented.

Following the budget tours, Councilors released their budget proposal for the upcoming year that will address the concerns that they heard from residents who attended the budget tours. For a full copy of that proposal please CLICK HERE. You can also learn more about what’s being proposed by watching the video that is embedded  in the top left hand of this article.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.