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Free Financial Literacy: Renasant Bank Providing Business Owners with Tips to Receive Entrepreneurial Success

Building a successful business is usually done by trial and error, with numerous obstacles to climb. Often times, when many owners first launch their brand, most days are consumed with cleaning up errors from the initial trials and inevitably learning new lessons in overall management. Representatives from Renasant Bank along with the Birmingham Business Resource Center have designed a state of the art series to help upcoming and current successful entrepreneurs get an edge on these errors. Today’s series at Innovation Depot laid out finance and credit tips for a successful entrepreneur.

“It is a known fact that cities who encourage financial literacy and strong entrepreneurship are bound for success, as they are literally laying out the road map for continued development within the economic sector,” President Pro Tem Steven W. Hoyt said. “I think that what’s being done through this series and others that are similar in nature, is phenomenal, and I encourage the public to take part in free educational opportunities.”

A recent International Smart Cities Study found that a key factor for the present and future competitiveness of any city is the ability to develop some type of program to support entrepreneurship. Other key factors in a “smart” economy include retaining and attracting talent and fostering creativity. Cities are increasingly aware of the need to have well‐ educated, creative and entrepreneurial citizens in order to be more competitive. It is for this reason that most cities (65%) have developed some kind of initiative to attract and retain talent in their territory.

The Renasant Bank Success Series Finance and Credit Tips for Successful Entrepreneur will help kick-start small business owners into full control of their companies as they gain valuable information regarding the financial wellness of their businesses. This free information session will include topics on: The role of personal credit in a small business portfolio; Building a successful banking relationship; PLUS countless wealth and credit savvy tips on how to improve your personal and business credit for years to come.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.