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Parents Anticipate the Restructuring of the After School Programs in the

Birmingham City Schools should not anticipate closing several after-school programs, but rather restructuring the programs that would be more beneficial to students. Dozens of concerned parents showed up at a Special Called Birmingham Board of Education Meeting at Parker High School to discuss finances and the management strategy of the after-school programs. This meeting trailed discussions held during the Birmingham Board of Education’s July 18th meeting when 10 of the 16 programs were proposed to close this upcoming school year.

Superintendent Dr. Kelley Castlin-Gacutan said that she is committed to the process of organizing the changes for all 16 after-school programs and that structure and accountability remains a top priority when developing the enrichment of students.

Councilor Valerie Abbott, Chair of the Education Committee Meeting said she is committed to working with her colleagues to help bridge the gap between the parents and the Birmingham Board of Education as well as create better accountability, transparency, and overall communication.

“I think it’s important that parents have the opportunity to share their concerns and ideas to help improve their children’s quality of education, including after-school program developments,” Councilor Abbott said. “We look forward to engaging parents, organizations and the school districts in our Education Committee Meetings to help with this process.”

Parents and students should know how the reformatted program will be implemented before school starts on Aug. 8.

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.