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“Let’s Pass the Budget”: That’s The Message from Birmingham City Councilors

PRESS RELEASE                                                                            Monday, August 22, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Nearly one week after verbally coming to terms on the 2016-2017 budget, Councilors are eagerly waiting for Mayor Bell to put the budget ordinances on the agenda so that a vote can take place. Councilors met with the Mayor Friday, August 12th and a verbal agreement was made. Both sides were scheduled to review the finalized budget this past Friday, but after the Mayor did not show up to the special called meeting, Councilors were told that the Mayor would be present at today’s Economic Development, Budget & Finance Committeemeeting to finalize the proposal. The Mayor was absent again at today’s meeting, leaving Councilors with no answers as to when a budget will be put in place.

“My colleagues and I are more than ready to vote on a budget so that the fundamental needs of our citizens can be met swiftly,” President Austin said. “Our constituents have let us know what they would like to see addressed so it is my hope that the Mayor will join us in choosing the people over politics to move this process forward. Our neighborhoods cannot wait any longer.”

During the Economic Development, Budget & Finance Committee meeting, Councilors were made aware that additional changes had been made to the proposals however, Councilors are still awaiting verbal details from the Mayor on when a budget will be placed on the agenda. Today’s latest development marks week 8 that a budget has not been finalized.

“We are in receipt of the Mayor’s budget response and there are some items that stick out,” said Chair of Economic Development, Budget & Finance, Councilor Marcus Lundy. “Those items of concern are the very reason that we need to hear from the Mayor on his intentions for this budget as well as when he will place the budget on the agenda. Our citizens elected us to make the best decisions on their behalf, at the very least both sides should be able to sit down and lay out a budget for this city.”

Councilors say they will attempt to meet with the Mayor again later this week.

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