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Birmingham City Council Meeting with Group from Bremen, Germany to Discuss Possible Economic Development Opportunities

PRESS RELEASE                                                                  Wednesday, September 8, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

BIRMINGHAM, AL – A delegation of professors and project managers from Bremen University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Germany, are visiting Birmingham this week in an effort to strengthen the Bremen-Alabama relationship through an existing cooperation between Bremen UAS, the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), as well as the Airbus and Mercedes Benz plants in Bremen and Alabama. The project is in collaboration with Bremeninvest, the international brand of the Bremen Economic Development Group, who also has an office in Birmingham, Alabama. Andreas Heyer, CEO of Bremeninvest, believes that this cooperation presents a great opportunity for students to gain work experience while expanding the international talent pool companies are seeking.

“We are willing to take applications home to match them with the Bremen industrial and institutional side,” said Mr. Heyer. “We have already had a great experience aligning study projects and hands-on work at the Huntsville based RadioBro Corporation which runs a branch office in Bremen with a DAAD-scholar from UAH. This could be repeated on a similar scale working together with Bremen Industry Partners. If all goes well, we can exchange young potential interns on both sides from November this year to September next year.”

In addition to direct meetings with UAB and Southern Research, the delegation is also meeting with Birmingham City Councilors and Adah International, Inc. an international project management company headquartered in Birmingham. Through those joint meetings both sides will look at how Birmingham and Bremen could work together in advanced manufacturing education.

“The core emphasis of the project is to establish unique and individually designed internship opportunities for students of the respective Bremen and Alabama universities on a regular basis,” said Councilor Marcus Lundy, chair of the Economic Development, and Budget & Finance Committee. “Bremen UAS’s existing cooperation with Airbus and Mercedes Benz in Bremen and with UAH, as well as Bremen’s economic interest in Alabama, are the starting point for expanding relationships with UAB and Southern Research in Birmingham. In the long term, this should result in a curricular-based and balanced internship exchange between Bremen UAS and UAB.”

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