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Did You Know that Today is National Voter Registration Day?

As an American citizen our vote is a symbol of the diversity and strength of our voices. It’s also an opportunity for our ideas to be heard on important issues that affect many communities including our own. Studies show that in 2008, six million Americans didn’t vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. If you haven’t registered to vote, it’s not too late. A voter registration event is taking place all day at Kelly Ingram Park. representatives from AIDS Alabama, American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama and the Human Rights Campaign will be on hand to coordinate field, technology and media efforts to create universal awareness of voter registration opportunities. This time of great food, fellowship and civic engagement will allow residents to get registered and in anticipation of November 4th. Council President Johnathan F. Austin says National Voter Registration Day is all about community engagement and keeping citizens voices at the forefront of change in our society.

“As elected leaders and officials it is important that we address the importance of voting, by encouraging greater civic participation, and sharing all available resources offered by the City,” Council President Austin said. “In many countries, citizens aren’t allowed to vote and I believe it’s only fair that we help everyone who is able exercise their rights as community members get to the polls and/or get involved in their communities.”

About National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is set for the fourth Tuesday of September by resolution of the National Association of Secretaries of State. Organizers for National Voter Registration Day look forward to accomplishing the following: 1.) Register Voters: A network of a thousand organizations operating on the ground and through social media will register tens of thousands of voters in the field and tens of thousands more online while also receiving pledges to vote from those already registered. 2.) Mobilize Volunteers: By partnering with nonprofits not usually engaged in voter registration drives, and amplifying existing drives through event-based recruitment and cultural outreach, National Voter Registration Day will bring together thousands of volunteers from across the nation to register voters. 3.) Educate Eligible Voters: Millions of voters need to register and re-register every year. By utilizing new technology and leveraging partners, we’ll educate more Americans than ever before, bringing new voters into the fold. 4.) Change the Conversation: National Voter Registration Day will be an opportunity to put our differences aside and celebrate the rights that unite us as Americans; democracy. For additional information log on to

This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.