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Birmingham City Council Pushes for Greater Transparency

PRESS RELEASE                                                                  Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Contact: Brittany Sharp

Phone: 205-721-5369

Birmingham – The Birmingham City Council is pushing for greater transparency and in doing so the Councilors recently met with the Mayor’s Office to ensure that the Council as well as the public is kept abreast of financial decisions. After learning that the Mayor’s Office paid a $2.5 million judgment due to a lawsuit, without consent of the Council, Councilors are now looking to prevent this from happening again. The Council, within its fiduciary duties, finds it imperative to fund the law department’s claims and demands more transparency from the Mayor’s Office when there is a breach in policies and communication.

“This Council is committed to improving the way things are done at City Hall,” Council President Johnathan F. Austin said. “Our citizens deserve better and we are going to continue pushing for transparency and accountability on their behalf.”

Councilors have agreed to provide the law department with additional funds to assist with the annual budget. Their $7.2 million budget was depleted following the payment of the $2.5 million verdict due a lawsuit filed by C.W. Woods Contracting Services. The Council will provide the law department with an initial $425,396 of the $2.5 million funding request and then provide more funds after 60 days on an as needed basis. Additionally, Councilors are asking that they are continuously updated on all legal matters relative to the process for paying claims, settlements, and consents to judgments.

For more information please contact Brittany Sharp, Director of Public Information for the Birmingham City Council at (205) 721-5369.