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Five Points West is on the Move! Council President Pro Tem Steven Hoyt Continues to Engage the Community at the BJCTA and Southwest Framework Public Involvement Meetings

Birmingham is a city constantly on the move; all while realizing an evolving culture, heightened global interests, and vast economic development opportunities. Council President Pro Tem Steven Hoyt recently joined community leaders to get their input on the rapidly evolving community at the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) public involvement meeting to discuss the new improvements in transportation, including the soon to be developed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes. Citizens were excited to learn about the plans for the BRT coming to the community as it speaks to the transportation development and helps citizens get to more destinations in a shorter amount of time. Council Pro Tem Hoyt couldn’t agree more and believes that public transportation ought to be an experience not just a ride to their destinations and he’s proud that the BJCTA is taking measures to transform the system and speak to what citizens feel offers a different quality of transportation.

“I think its wonderful when you have a partner like the BJCTA working trying to optimize travel; getting people from their jobs, to church, to wherever they may need to go. And I think this is an opportunity for citizens to not only give feedback but also to give some marching orders as to what their needs really are,” said Council Pro Tem Hoyt. “When you think about it, who can best dictate what those needs are than a consumer; one who rides the bus and depends on public transportation as a means of their quality of life. When you have a transit authority and a board that is working and standing with the city and with other municipalities, I think it really buys for a great experience.”

To help realize even greater experiences, Council Pro Tem Hoyt later met with the citizens of Birmingham at the Framework meeting where citizens learned how their thoughts and ideas help impact the southwest community. Birmingham Water Works Board representatives came out and addressed the current state of the Water Works, and gathered feedback from citizens on cost saving measures with their water utility bills. Owners of Starbucks also shared their plans for the development and the grand opening of their new facility at the Crossplex, including available job opportunities for students and citizens in the Birmingham area. Young leaders also came out to show their support and presented other creative programs consistent with the Framework’s plan to derail and combat violence among youth through a program that will be implemented to keep all youth active and involved in the upcoming summer months and during the school year.

It’s been a great movement having these public involvement meetings and it’s been very informative with respect to all the different entities coming and sharing information that I think is going to be transformational in terms of empowerment for the citizens of Birmingham and not just District eight,” said Council Pro Tem Hoyt. “It’s a great opportunity for the residents to take full advantage of the opportunities that’s going to be here along with the overall development of the area, not withstanding Starbucks there will be 200 to 300 jobs created as a result of this development, I think that’s important.”

 This article is a contribution from Chiara Perry ( in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For more information please contact 205.254.2294.