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The Birmingham City Council has passed a pair of Nondiscrimination Ordinances that will add protections to anyone who faces discrimination in Birmingham

PRESS RELEASE                                                                        Tuesday September 26, 2017

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-908-7392

BIRMINGHAM, AL – As it stands, Alabama does not provide legal protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Council President Johnathan Austin said he believes it’s Birmingham’s responsibility to lead the way. “We know the state legislature is not going to help us with this. We have to keep fighting for what we believe is right. They’re going to continue to chip away at sovereignty of this city and its citizens.”

The ordinance is twofold: One, it will add protections against any act, policy or practice that, regardless of intent has the effect of subjecting any otherwise qualified person to differential treatment as a result of that person’s real or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or familial status.

Secondly, it will establish an eleven-member commission that will be tasked with promoting diversity, inclusion and harmony for all of Birmingham’s residents. The commission will receive and investigate complaints of discriminatory practices with the intent to identify entities/contractors that perpetuate intolerance and report their noncompliance to the Birmingham City Council who will then impose legislative or administrative actions.

This press release is a contribution from Cody Owens, in the Birmingham City Council Public Information Office. For media inquiries please contact Chiara Perry, Interim Director of Public Information for the Birmingham City Council, at 205-908-7392 or