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As Birmingham grapples with teen violence, Council and Mayor discuss solutions

PRESS RELEASE                                                 Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-254-2036

Cell: 205-383-8432

Over the Labor Day weekend, eight teenagers were shot in Birmingham, one fatally while he was inside his home in East Lake. The other incident involved seven people who were shot outside of WorkPlay Theatre on Sunday evening following a dispute that began inside the venue.

While no immediate actions were made on Tuesday, the message was clear: the Council and the Mayor’s office will be working together to come up with a comprehensive plan to address youth violence through mentorship programs and workforce development opportunities.

The culture of violence among Birmingham’s youth is a multi-headed beast, according to Councilor Steven Hoyt, one of several Councilors who addressed the need to “wrap our arms around” the city’s youth to help curb the senseless violence that has taken too many lives recently.

“There is no one single answer to solving what we’ve been experiencing. We won’t ever get there without a collective effort but right now we’re moving in silos,” Councilor Hoyt said. “There’s been no conversation about fighting crime between the Council and the Mayor collectively. I think it’s time we not only have a meaningful conversation about crime, but put a plan in place to help address these issues.”

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This press release is a contribution from Cody Owens, Public Information Officer in the Office of the Birmingham City Council. For media inquiries contact Chiara Perry, Interim Director of Public Information at 205.383.8432 or