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Deadline closed for District 1 and District 6 Council seats, over a dozen applicants to be considered for each district


Contact: Chiara Perry                                                                                                                                 Monday November 19, 2018

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BIRMINGHAM, AL – As of 5 p.m. on November 16, the Birmingham City Council has closed the deadline for residents of District 1 and District 6 to submit their applications and resumes to fill the vacant City Council seats.

Below is a list of all applicants, which include 14 applicants for District 1 and 18 applicants for District 6:

District 1

  1. Michael Milner
  2. Terrika Shaw
  3. Clinton Woods
  4. Sherman Collins Jr.
  5. Brandon McCray
  6. William Harden Jr.
  7. John Norman
  8. Sims Smith
  9. Michael Todd
  10. Kintisha M. Matthews
  11. Alberto D. Reid
  12. Michael Bell
  13. Cedric Small
  14. Gwendolyn Welch

District 6

  1. Keith Williams
  2. Abigail Gambles
  3. Carlos M. Chaverst Jr.
  4. Barry Bearden
  5. Onoyemi Williams
  6. Tony D. Christon-Walker
  7. Richard A. Rice
  8. Clarence Muhammad
  9. Keinijel Davis
  10. Carla English
  11. Crystal Smitherman
  12. Ervin Philemon Hill II
  13. LaTanya Millhouse
  14. W.J. Maye, Jr.
  15. Willine Body
  16. Andre McShan
  17. Brandon Cleveland
  18. Steve Small Jr.

These seats were officially vacated by former Councilors now Commissioners Lashunda Scales of District 1 and Sheila Tyson of District 6.

According to the Mayor Council Act:

“Vacancies in the council shall be filled by the council at the next regular meeting or any subsequent meeting of the council, the person so elected to hold office only until the next election of any kind in which the voters of the city to which this Act applies are qualified electors, at which time said unexpired terms shall be filled by said electors in accordance with all provisions of law applicable to such city; in any event, the person elected shall hold office until his successor is elected and qualified.”

For media inquiries please contact the Interim Director of Public Information, Chiara Perry at 205.254.2294.