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Councilor Crystal Smitherman hits the ground running

PRESS RELEASE                                     Friday January 11, 2019

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-254-2036

Cell: 205-383-8432


BIRMINGHAM, AL – Newly appointed District 6 Councilor Crystal Smitherman is pushing for the men and women’s bathrooms on the first three floors of City Hall to be outfitted with baby changing stations where citizens with children are most likely to be.

She realized there was a need after having to help a friend change her baby’s diaper and they were not able to do so in the bathroom at City Hall earlier this week.

“If we want to be an inclusive city, we can certainly start by accommodating the mothers and fathers who visit City Hall with their children,” Smitherman said. “I think it sends a message that we welcome all citizens who want to come here for public meetings, or whatever business they may have here.”

“Smitherman is bringing fresh eyes to City Hall,” President Pro Tem William Parker said. “This new insight is important with helping the Council as a whole address different needs of the public.”

Smitherman reached out to the Mayor’s office and requested that diaper changers be installed. The Mayor’s office responded and said that staff will install the diaper changers in both the women and men restrooms on the first, second and third floors of City Hall.

In her first two weeks, Smitherman has also sponsored a resolution supporting and encouraging Legion Field to implement a recycling program – the effort has been named, “Legion Field Green.”

Smitherman saw a need for a recycling program during the most recent Birmingham Bowl at Legion Field. “I was at the game and had a water bottle that I wanted to recycle,” Smitherman recounted. “I asked if we had anywhere to recycle and I was shocked to find out that we didn’t. Something so simple can make such a big impact…We’re talking about getting recycling bins and putting them at Legion Field so we can encourage people to recycle. We can take those items and reuse them and add a source of revenue for the city.”

For more information contact Interim Director of Public Information for the Birmingham City Council Chiara Perry at 205-254-2036.