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Council passes resolution seeking additional representation on the World Games local organizing committee

PRESS RELEASE                                     Tuesday January 15, 2019

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-254-2036

Cell: 205-383-8432


BIRMINGHAM, AL –The Birmingham City Council has passed a resolution amending language in the 2021 World Games local organizing committee’s structure, requesting that the Board of Directors adds an additional seat for Council representation on the local organizing committee.

The resolution that was passed does not, however, add representation to the committee; the World Games Board of Directors must authorize changes to the committee structure. The resolution is a way to urge the board to do so.

Issues revolving around a perceived lack of communication between the World Games Organization and city officials have been raised in recent weeks.

“They’ve been meeting for the last three years and they’re not showing us they want us involved,” Councilor Steven Hoyt said on Tuesday. “We’ve been asking for quite a long time. It needs to be inclusive of the Council. Whether or not we have a vote in that matter that’s up for debate… We need this process to be all-inclusive and that’s what I will support.”

Council President Pro Tem William Parker said he has been meeting with World Games officials in recent weeks and said he is optimistic about future cooperation with the city.

“It’s taken a couple weeks to put our arms around things that have been happening the last year. We are going to make sure going forward we are at the table and we have a true commitment,” Parker said. “The local organizing committee has not met yet. That is what Councilor Hilliard’s resolution is speaking to. I don’t see us having any issues with moving forward. We need to focus on the board of directors as well so we can get on the same page. I think there is a larger question moving forward. The council needs to be more engaged. We’ve asked for all the meeting dates and we want to make sure the council takes part in the meetings.”

This press release was written by Cody Owens, Public Information Officer, in the Birmingham City Council Office of Public Information. For more information contact Interim Director of Public Information for the Birmingham City Council Chiara Perry at 205-254-2036.