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Birmingham City Council appoints nine citizens to serve on the Human Rights Commission

 PRESS RELEASE                                     Tuesday January 22, 2019

Contact: Chiara Perry

Phone: 205-254-2036

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BIRMINGHAM, AL – On Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council unanimously approved nine appointments made by each councilor to serve on the Human Rights Commission. There are six more positions that must be appointed by Mayor Randall Woodfin — three representatives from non-profit organizations and three representatives from the local business community.

In 2017, the Council unanimously passed a pair of nondiscrimination ordinances, becoming the first city in Alabama to add legal protections for those who face discrimination based on a person’s real or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or familial status.

One of the two items created the 15-member commission whose sole purpose will be to investigate complaints of discriminatory practices and report their noncompliance with a goal being to “conciliate complaints with the consent of all parties,” as is written in the ordinance. If no agreement is reached the person who filed a complaint then must take the issue to the municipal court.

In December the Council voted to amend the ordinance, perhaps most importantly, the amendments changed the number of members from 11 to 15, with the Council still having 9 appointments (one per district).

Because municipalities are limited by state as to what kind of crimes can be prosecuted in court, the ordinance was passed in compliance with those restrictions.

Listed below are the names and term expirations of the nine members appointed to the Human Rights Commission:

1) Connie Jackson Gaiter, term ending January 31, 2020

2) Jason Clotfelter, term ending January 31, 2020

3) Scott Capps, term ending January 31, 2020

4) LaJune White, term ending January 31, 2021

5) Jennifer Sanders, term ending January 31, 2021

6) Eugena White, term ending January 31, 2021

7) Georgia M. Blair, term ending January 31, 2022

8) Wayne Heard, term ending January 31, 2022

9) Angene Coleman, term ending January 31, 2022

This press release was written by Cody Owens, Public Information Officer, in the Birmingham City Council Office of Public Information. For more information contact Interim Director of Public Information for the Birmingham City Council Chiara Perry at 205-254-2036.