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Council approves bid for trash collection service, discusses how to improve services throughout Birmingham

PRESS RELEASE                                                 Tuesday March 26, 2019

Contact: Cody Owens

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The Council passed a resolution approving the bid for Waste Pro Management to provide trash pickup service for outlying communities in Birmingham.

The contract is for one year and service will be provided two times a week with trash and recycling being collected at the same time. The company will be providing 92-gallon receptacles for trash and a 54-gallon bin for recyclables to residents.

The primary area that will be served is the Overton neighborhood in District 2.

Councilor Darrell O’Quinn said this is an opportunity to examine the way the City collects trash and improve upon current practices. “It only makes sense for us to look at the way we can improve trash pickup in the city,” O’Quinn said.

“The company is providing very large waste bins. There should be a way to scale that back from collecting twice a week. It’s only $50,000 to service 281 residential homes. I think it’s important that while we’re considering this contract that we look at the opportunities moving forward…to me it doesn’t seem like twice a week pickup is necessary if the disposal bins are that size.”

O’Quinn is a strong proponent of reassessing trash collection throughout the city and has been calling for improved recycling efforts.

Mayor Woodfin said that the contract is for one year while his administration continues to work toward long-term trash collection solutions throughout the city.

“Long term, the way we currently pick up trash is not sustainable,” Woodfin said. “There are options, but the cost of that will take away from other priorities in the city. Then it gets us into how are we going to do it? A pilot program? Is it equitable when you address every neighborhood? …We’re going to continue to look into areas where we can identify cost savings and improve our service.”

The item was passed unanimously