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Upgraded LED lighting approved for 16 Birmingham city parks


PRESS RELEASE                                                             Tuesday, June 11, 2019 

Contact: Cody Owens 

Phone: 205-254-2036 

Cell: 205-317-1121

Some of Birmingham’s parks will soon be getting a little bit brighter. On Tuesday the Birmingham City Council approved a lease agreement with Alabama Power that will transfer ownership of 345 light fixtures in 16 city parks to the company to upgrade and maintain. Alabama Power will be converting these fixtures to Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights.

Not only will the new lights be more energy efficient, but they will provide a much needed light source for areas in Birmingham’s parks that have been left in the dark for some time. After requests from several Councilors, four additional parks were added so that each district would have a park slated for improved lighting.

Here is a breakdown of the parks that will be receiving upgraded lighting:

Patton Park — 80 LED Fixtures                       George Ward Park — 40 LED Fixtures

East Lake Park — 23 LED Fixtures                  Bradford Park — 25 LED Fixtures

McMahon Park — 25 LED Fixtures                  Ensley Park — 22 LED Fixtures

Dolomite Park — 17 LED Fixtures                     Marconi Park — 14 LED Fixtures

Echo Highlands Park — 13 LED Fixtures         Central Park — 10 LED Fixtures

Wiggins Park — 8 LED Fixtures                         Overton Park — 1 LED Fixture

McClendon Park — 30 LED Fixtures                 Henry Crumpton Recreation — 10 LED Fixtures

Harrison Park — 20 LED Fixtures                      Roosevelt Park — 7 LED Fixtures

Councilor Wardine Alexander, who chairs the Utilities Committee, has been an advocate for increasing public safety in the city’s parks.

“I want to promote healthy initiatives for residents in Birmingham and get them out in the parks to enjoy themselves,” Alexander said. “By insuring these LED lights are in the parks, I believe they will make residents feel safer and be suitable for them to enjoy their park experience. And the lights will provide cost-saving measures for the City and will be a deterrent for vandalism occurring in our neighborhoods.”

City officials have indicated more lights will be upgraded in the near future.

Council President Pro Tem William Parker, who chairs the Parks and Recreation Committee, said he hopes these upgrades are just the beginning. “Birmingham is blessed to have 118 amazing parks throughout our city,” Parker said. “That’s nearly 4,000 acres we have to make sure are safe an accessible to everyone. This agreement is a huge step in that direction and I’m glad to see the City work with Alabama Power toward improving our public parks for our residents.”