Birmingham City Council votes unanimously to revoke business license of USA Economy Lodge

Following a public hearing on Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council voted unanimously to revoke the business license of the USA Economy Lodge hotel (located at the 7900 block of Hwy 78), citing a pattern of criminal activity.

During the public hearing, Birmingham Police officers detailed a litany of calls and dangerous activity that has taken place over the course of the last six months (the length of time in which the law allows). Residents who’ve lived in the area gave testimonies of how property had been stolen, drug use and other criminal activity they’ve witnessed at the site over the years.

Video evidence was also presented of hotel patrons trespassing on nearby properties in the neighborhood.

Councilor Hunter Williams, who previously chaired the Public Safety Committee when the item was brought before the Council and currently represents the District where this property is located, said his office has been inundated with complaints from residents over the years.

“We were presented with a lot of evidence of different criminal activity at this site and we also have a number of reports from nearby residents of incidents that have occurred,” Councilor Hunter Williams said. “The point needs to be clear: We are not going to tolerate any venue of violence that will knowingly allow criminal activity to occur on their property.”

Councilor LaTonya Tate, the current chair of the Public Safety Committee said, “After reviewing all the incidents that have occurred at this location, I feel as though this was the right decision for the Council to make.The community spoke loud and clear and as elected leaders we have an obligation to the public to keep our neighborhoods safe.”