Birmingham City Council’s Census 2020 Redistricting Committee discuss new district boundary map; send draft to City Clerk’s office

The Birmingham City Council’s Census 2020 Redistricting Committee met on Monday to discuss the proposed new district boundaries that are a result of the updated population counts. Following a presentation of the current draft of the map, the committee voted to send the approved draft to the City Clerk’s office for review.

Once the map is reviewed by the Clerk’s office, the Council will then set a public hearing, however that date has not yet been finalized. The Council will be also be launching a website with the current draft of the map, along with a portal for public feedback. More information on how to access that will be released as it becomes available in the coming days.

The districts defined in the newly proposed map will be utilized for the next regularly scheduled (and/or special called) Birmingham city elections during this decade for elected positions on the Birmingham City Council and Birmingham School Board.

“Representative democracy is what this country was founded on and it’s the heart of everything we do on the Council,” Council President Wardine Alexander said.  “Our task on the Census Committee has been to oversee and monitor the redistricting efforts as well as provide information to the public throughout the course of this important work. However, I look forward to continuing this dialogue and receiving feedback from members of the public.”

In addition to adjusting district boundaries so that population counts remain evenly distributed, other factors that were considered by the committee include compactness of the districts, contiguity, and federal Voting Rights Act requirements.

The Council is expected to vote on setting a date for the public hearing during the February 22nd Birmingham City Council Meeting.