District 2

Kim Rafferty, Councilor, District 2 


Birmingham City Councilor Kim Rafferty is Chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee and a member of the Education and Public Safety/Transportation Committees.

Councilor Rafferty is a 4th Generation resident of the Roebuck Community and a firm believer that District 2 is “The Pride of the Magic City”. She is the proud mother of two children, Morgen and Jessica Rafferty. Her son, Morgen is a member of his school’s marching band and her daughter, Jessica, proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Councilor Rafferty holds an Associate Degree in Human Resources from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Councilor Rafferty has long been interested in Birmingham and local politics and served behind the scenes for 10 years prior to assuming the office of City Councilor. She worked passionately as a community activist and advocate during these years. Determined to serve the City in any capacity, Councilor Rafferty is a certified Fire Inspector and has volunteered and served as a Chief Inspector for the Jefferson County Elections Department for many years.

This passion for her community and city would lead her to become one of the select few in Birmingham history to advance to the position of City Councilor after serving as a Council Assistant. Driven by a fervent desire to improve the City, she entered politics to help correct historic injustices, streamline local government to better serve its constituents, and to create greater transparency and citizen participation in the decision-making process.

Councilor Rafferty is proud to serve District 2 and works tirelessly to foster development and improvement within its neighborhoods. District 2 is unique due to its ample green space, diversity, and the potential for future growth. District 2 contains Lake Purdy, most Ruffner Mountain, The Summit Shopping Center, Barber Motor Speedway, beautiful and historic neighborhoods, and convenient access to major roadways and thoroughfares.

In her two terms in office, Councilor Rafferty has stayed true to her original goals and vision for District 2 and the City at large. She was instrumental in the creation of the Birmingham Port Authority, Bank on Birmingham, the creation of a Floodplain Management plan for the Crestline and Eastwood neighborhoods, and the modernization of Birmingham’s Transportation Code. She has actively pursued cooperative projects with District 2 neighborhoods to improve citizen quality of life and to realize the potential of District 2 for future growth and development. Realizing that cooperation is the key to success, she is active in the Alabama League of Municipalities and the National League of Cities. She serves on several committees for these organizations to advocate for Birmingham and further her knowledge to effectively serve her constituents.

Staying true to her passion for Birmingham, Councilor Rafferty is a firm advocate for the care of both our elderly and our veterans. She is involved in many local organizations and initiatives to this end. As the City moves forward, she is focused on making city services more effective, increasing community cohesiveness, introducing performance-based budgeting to Birmingham, and expanding commercial opportunity and development in District 2.

Councilor Rafferty is a firm believer that local government works best with the input and participation of its citizens.

For more information concerning District 2 or Councilor Rafferty, please call 205-254-2038 or email kimberly.rafferty@birminghamal.gov.  For scheduling, please contact Earlene Prince at 205-254-2038 or email earlene.prince@birminghamal.gov. For media inquiries, contact Marcus O’Dell at 205-789-3944 or marcus.odell@birminghamal.gov.