District 2

Kim Rafferty, Councilor, District 2 


Birmingham City Councilor Kim Rafferty is Chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee and a member of the Education and Public Safety, Transportation Committees.

Literally Banking on Birmingham, Councilor Rafferty has established a collaborative effort between financial institutions, community organizations and advocacy groups to connect unbanked individuals to basic financial services. Dubbed Bank on Birmingham, the initiative also provides the opportunity to teach fiscal responsibility and best financial practices to unbanked citizens.

Active behind the scenes in Birmingham politics for 10 years, Councilor Rafferty is one of a select few in Birmingham history to advance to the position of City Councilor after serving as a Council Assistant.

Sworn to conduct elections according to state statute in a way that encourages participation and equality by all segments of Jefferson County, Councilor Rafferty volunteers in the Jefferson County Elections Department and has been Chief Inspector for multiple years.

She holds an Associate Degree in Human Resources from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Born in Birmingham, she spent her formative years away from the Magic City as her parents forged new careers. In 1989, at age 25, she returned to Birmingham to care for an ailing grandparent.  Little did she know she would also meet and marry the love of her life, the late Mark Rafferty.  Together, for 16 years, they reared two energetic children; a daughter, Jessica, and a son, Morgen. From 2001 until her husband’s passing, they were partners in a small business, Creative Rugs, LLC of Leeds.

For more information concerning Councilor Kim Rafferty or to discuss scheduling arrangements, call 205-254-2038 or email kimberly.rafferty@birminghamal.gov.