The Birmingham City Council is the legislative branch of Birmingham city government as defined by the Mayor-Council Act of the State of Alabama. All official actions must be approved by a majority vote of the Council during its regular meeting at 9:30 a.m. each Tuesday morning at Birmingham City Hall, 710 North 20th St. on the 3rd floor in Council Chambers.



ORDINANCE NO. 20-107 – Avondale Entertainment District
ORDINANCE NO. 20-84 – To provide a new benefit allowing Retired Public Safety Employees who were rehired to reinstate up to 50% of any unused sick leave that was forfeited at the time of their retirement.
ORDINANCE NO. 20-68 – Small Cell Facilities
ORDINANCE NO. 20-44 – Zoning
ORDINANCE NO. 20-24 – Micromobility
ORDINANCE NO. 19-199 – Five Points South Entertainment District
ORDINANCE NO. 20-30 – Stopping, Standing and Parking
ORDINANCE NO. 19-159 – Health Districts for Smoke-Free Public Places
ORDINANCE NO. 19-157 – Zoning Districts and Permitted Uses
ORDINANCE NO. 19-140 – Hotel/Motel Surcharge
ORDINANCE NO. 19-96 – Technical Code
ORDINANCE NO. 19-95 – US Department of Agriculture – Healthy Food
ORDINANCE NO. 19-94 – Establish the Number of Full and Part Time Judges
ORDINANCE NO. 19-92 – Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
ORDINANCE NO. 19-91 – Building and Land Use Controls
ORDINANCE NO. 19-90 – Modify Permit Fees
ORDINANCE NO. 19-89 – Modify Fees for Required Permits
ORDINANCE NO. 19-88 – Municipal Services
ORDINANCE NO. 19-87 – Lodging and Hotel Tax
ORDINANCE NO. 19-32 – Department of Communication – New Department
ORDINANCE NO. 19-9 – Human Rights Commission
ORDINANCE NO. 19-1 – Pepper Place Entertainment District
ORDINANCE NO. 18-188 – Composition and Appointment of Human Rights Commission
ORDINANCE NO. 18-142 – Traffic Engineering Department Name Change
ORDINANCE NO. 18-132 – Name Change to Department of Innovation and Economic Opportunity
ORDINANCE NO. 18-125 – Birmingham Youth Leadership Council
ORDINANCE NO. 18-97 – Name Change to the Office of the City Attorney
ORDINANCE NO. 18-52 Additional One Cent Per Dollar Sale Tax Increase
ORDINANCE NO. 18-51 – Sales and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
ORDINANCE NO. 18-37 – Municipal Services – Streets and Sidewalks
ORDINANCE NO. 18-26 – Licensing and Regulation – Ambulances
ORDINANCE NO. 18-3 – Licensing and Regulation – Taxicab and Vehicles for Hire
ORDINANCE NO. 17-122 – Finance and Fiscal Purchasing and Contracting
ORDINANCE NO. 17-121 – Non-Discrimination
ORDINANCE NO. 17-100 – Stormwater Protection
ORDINANCE NO. 17-68 – Sales Tax
ORDINANCE NO. 17-63 -Adopting and Enacting a New Code for the General Code of the City of Birmingham, Alabama
ORDINANCE NO. 17-50 – Qualified Participants
ORDINANCE NO. 17-48 – Amended Taxicab Ordinance
ORDINANCE NO. 17-38 – Licensing and Regulations for Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire
Stormwater Ordinance
Amended TNC Ordinance 12-23-15
Entertainment District Ordinance 13-118

View The Full Text of The Entertainment District Ordinance Here

– An Ordinance to amend Title 12, “Licensing and Regulation”, Chapter 10, “Intoxicating Liquors”, of the general code of the city of Birmingham, 1980, to add a new article for the creation of entertainment districts pursuant to Alabama Act No. 2012-438.

Kelvyn Felder Ordinance Amendment 13-86

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– An Ordinance to regulate the operation of certain classes of liquor-licensed establishments to reduce nuisance and safety issues regarding security, crowd control, underage drinking, noise disturbances, and violence by requiring these businesses to provide security plans, address underage drinking, and to maintain order in the establishment and on accessory premises where patrons park or congregate.

Booting Ordinance- 13-81

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– An Ordinance to regulate towing and vehicle immobilization services within the city, to create licensing requirements, general operating standards for towing and vehicle immobilization services, and limit fees charged to the public for non-consensual towing and vehicle immobilization; to repeal Ordinance No. 04-96, creating Title 12 “Licensing and Regulation,” Chapter 19, “Vehicle Immobilization Services” and Title 17, “Wrecker Services”, Article B, “Wrecker Permits” and Article C, “Driver’s Permits”, of the general code of the city of Birmingham, 1980, and substitute in lieu thereof the following Ordinance.

Parking in Front Yard Ordinance 10-11

Read Full Text of Parking In Front Yard Ordinance Here

– An Ordinance of the city of Birmingham, Alabama adding and enacting a new section 11-8-9 of the code of the city of Birmingham to make it unlawful to park a motor vehicle in the front yard of a residence and or business or upon and or over a sidewalk within the corporation limits of Birmingham, the violation for which a parking citation may be issued.

Smoking in Public Places 12-52

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– An Ordinance that prohibits smoking in public places and places of employment within the city of Birmingham.

Texting While Driving 10-100

Read the Full Text of the Texting While Driving  10 – 100 Ordinance here

– An Ordinance to amend the general city code of the city of Birmingham, 1980, Title 10, “Motor Vehicles and Traffic”, Chapter 8, “Miscellaneous Driving Rules”, to prohibit the use of wireless handsets to compose, read, or send text messages while operating a motor vehicle.

Food Truck Ordinance 14-126

View Food Truck Ordinance 14-126 Full Text Here
 An Ordinance to establish regulations for mobile food vehicles and the pushcarts in the city of Birmingham, Alabama.

Healthy Food Incentive Program 17-23

Healthy-Food-Incentive-Program-Ordinance_3 – View Full Text Here

BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Birmingham that Section 4 of Ordinance No. 17-23, adopted February 28, 2017 and establishing a Healthy Food Incentive Program for the City of Birmingham.