Council District FOUR

Airport Highland, Brownsville Heights, Brummitt Heights, Collegeville, East Birmingham, Fairmont, Harriman Park, Inglenook, Killough Springs, Kingston, Maple Grove, North East Lake, Norwood, Penfield Parks, Pine Knoll Vista, Roebuck, South Woodlawn, Woodlawn, Zion City

District Four Councilor

J.T. Moore

Birmingham City Councilor J. T. Moore is Chair of the Community Development Committee and a member of the Public Safety Committee.

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J.T. Moore was born right here in the city of Birmingham. Raised in Ensley off of Bush Blvd., he had the opportunity to really experience community. Councilor Moore lived on a street where all of his neighbors knew one another. 

Moore’s grandmother was one who loved to entertain and to cook. She worked for several years in the cafeteria at Birmingham Southern College. It was common for her to get neighbors together to Bar-B-Que on their front lawns. His grandfather served proudly for over 30 years with the Greyhound Bus Station. Councilor Moore would often go on trips with him in the summer time sitting in the front seat listening to M.C. Hammer. Councilor Moore’s Grandparents taught him two valuable lessons, the importance of taking care of people and taking pride in what you do.  

Councilor Moore carried that same spirit and those valuable lessons with him as he began his public service work serving as an intern with the Division of Youth Services. There he learned the true value of serving people. In 2011 Councilor Moore had the pleasure of serving as a coordinator for Alabama Possible where he worked heavily at Woodlawn High School facilitating college prep, mentorship, and assisting in organizing the HBCU college fair for students. He found tremendous value in supporting students and building relationships within the community to further his work and fell in love with the Woodlawn community. There he reflected on the deeper impact that would be made by living in the same place in which he worked. In 2013 he married his beautiful wife and they decided to plant roots there. 

Whether mentoring teens at A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club, working with families of Hayes K-8 to reduce absenteeism or helping to provide free legal assistance through Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham to those who need it most, Councilor Moore has always led with compassion — diligently seeking out opportunities to serve the needs of others. He believes that by nurturing the idea of unity and collaboration amongst the residents of District 4, there won’t be anything the community can’t accomplish.

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