Public Information Office

Committed and Connected

The Birmingham City Council Public Information Office is dedicated to connecting our Councilors directly with residents from the nine districts they represent. Whether using the digital highway with website content & social networking or guiding media & constituents to important information through easily accessible portals, our team is dedicated to providing a smooth path of communication. Educating and informing the public is vital to the growth of our city. Using press releases, website content, FacebookTwitterInstagram & Youtube, our hope is that you can get to know our Councilors and learn about how they are improving your lives through the legislative process. Won’t you join us?

Working Collaboratively With the Media

The Public Information Office also works to communicate directly with members of the media. Whether it’s preparing and placing stories within various media outlets or responding to media inquires we are committed to providing transparent and continuous communication between the Council and the media.

Contact Us

Public (private citizen, business, or student) requests or inquiries may be submitted to Kimberly Garner, Director of Public Information, 205.254.2036 or email at: