Operation LawnCARE: Rescheduled for Saturday, August 5th

UPDATE: The original date for Operation LawnCARE was slated for Saturday, July 22nd.  Due to inclement weather, the event had to be delayed.  We are thrilled to announce that Operation LawnCARE has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 5th.


Operation LawnCARE is a successful collaboration between District 1’s Birmingham City Councilor, Clinton Woods, and Rebirth Community Corporation, led by President Doug Taylor. It is set to make its highly anticipated return for the second year on Saturday, July 22nd.Operation LawnCARE aims to empower young people within the community by providing them with the necessary training and equipment to make a positive impact. Participants will engage in lawn mowing activities both in their neighborhood and for senior residents, fostering a sense of responsibility and community. Following the success of last year’s initiative, Councilor Woods aims to expand the program’s reach, empowering more young individuals with the resources to explore entrepreneurship in the lawn care industry.“We’re thrilled to kick off year two of Operation LawnCARE, where we offer assistance to single mothers and senior citizens in need by mowing their lawns. Additionally, we involve teenage children by demonstrating proper lawn care techniques and equipping them with their very own lawn mowers,” said Councilor Woods.Overgrown lots have been a concern in neighborhoods across the city, and Operation LawnCARE seeks to address this issue by empowering the younger generation to take an active role in improving their surroundings.“Our vision is to equip these young individuals to not only maintain their yards but also take the entrepreneurial leap and establish their own lawn care businesses,” added Councilor Woods.Individuals interested in participating or requesting this service for their home can register or find more information at operationlawncare.org.Operation LawnCARE envisions a united community where residents of District 1 come together to create a more beautiful and nurturing environment for all. Join us on this empowering day of service and be part of the positive change!For media inquiries, location/scheduling, and further information please contact: Kimberly.Garner@birminghamal.gov