District 9

John R. Hilliard, Councilor, District 9 

Birmingham City Councilor John R. Hilliard is Chair of the Economic Development Committee and a member of the Governmental Affairs/Public InformationPlanning and Zoning and Transportation Committees.

Councilor Hilliard is a lifelong resident of Pratt City and a long time public servant having served his community in the Alabama State Legislature for 10 years and has been a representative on the State Democratic Executive Committee for over 20 years. As a Birmingham native and graduate of A.H. Parker High School, Councilor Hilliard also attended Alabama State University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration management and later developed successful businesses in real estate/insurance adjuster. He has been a part of the Jefferson County Citizen’s Coalition and a number of other community organizations for many years. He also does a great deal of work with foster children and youth organizations in the area.

As the Councilor for District 9, Councilor Hilliard is committed to keeping a constant, open line of communication. He will work to build relationships with the Mayor, his colleagues on the Council, as well as neighborhood officers to adhere to the needs of the community and move our city in the right direction. Councilor Hilliard believes we must be honest with one another and find ways to compromise so that we can all reach the shared vision of making Birmingham a better place to live for all our citizens.

Councilor Hilliard’s top priorities are public safety, education, and economic development in our neighborhoods. He believes that above all citizens deserve to feel safe and will support funding of community policing initiatives and that improving our school system will help to tackle both public safety and economic development issues. He will fight to make sure that the Council budgets more money for our Birmingham City Schools and funds after school programs that are going to prepare our students for career opportunities. Councilor Hilliard plans to bring retail businesses and recruit new industrial jobs to District 9. As a real estate developer, Councilor Hilliard also wants to see more of the citizens in District 9 and across Birmingham take ownership of vacant homes and vacant lots and revitalize the community from within. He will advocate for increased awareness and citizen education on how to take advantage of the City’s Land Bank Authority program.

For more information concerning Councilor John R. Hilliard or District 9, please call 205.254.2302 or email john.hilliard@birminghamal.gov.  For scheduling, contact Tevin Jones at 205.254.2302 or email tevin.jones@birminghamal.gov